Reference – Bike handlebar


Although pretty “simple” at first glance, this project was one of our biggest challenges. The task was to create the lightest bicycle handlebar available on the market, which would survive the toughest tests (Zedler Multi Load / Syntace Test). We had only a few months or the whole development, including the tests.


A specially developed lifecycle methodology was used to solve the fatigue problem. The handlebar was simulated including the clamping forces from the stem as well as the brake shift lever fittings.


In close cooperation with the guys from our customer Black East GmbH, we actually made it: The handlebar survived the Zedler Multi Load and the Syntace test on the customer’s test bench. It’s the lightest handlebar on the market that has done that. Normally you iterate slowly and with a lot of “trial and error” into such spheres. We did it together with Black East “from the scratch” – with probably the most modern development approach in the entire bicycle industry! The product was crowned with the Design Innovation Award 2021.


Bike handlebar